To An Unknown Soul

He knows your name

He knows the reason you came

We don’t understand

Why He called you back into His hands

while we waited with open arms, ready to embrace you,

to finally put a face to the tiny movements and bubbles and kicks.

We longed for you like a long, dark, cold night waits for the sun to rise on her and warm her skin; like sisters separated for too long, one waiting at the airport, the other disembarking, ready to throw themselves into each other’s arms and holding each other for a long time before pulling away to catch up on news…

But the darkness has been set. The night will never meet the dawn. The sisters will stay only an arm’s length away; frozen in time, reaching for each other for an eternity …

Until the sun falls out of the sky and darkness is swallowed up.
Until time stops and life begins.

Until we meet face to face

Oh flesh of our flesh and blood of our blood

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