A Nice Ending

The few days we spent in Nice was the perfect ending to our epic three-month adventure around France!

The weather was hot; the sky, beautiful and blue; and the sea cool and inviting.

The day before we left was the hottest of our holiday … 33 degrees Celsius! We walked through the streets to do some souvenir shopping.

A green park right in Nice’s centre offered relief from the intense heat.

I found solace in the shade of a grape vine.

Everyone enjoyed the cool mist that rose up like steam from the pavement.

Miss K and Mr D loved the water fountains spurting out at odd intervals – playing a game of hide and seek with them.

The Promenade Des Anglais was packed with people enjoying the beginning of the summer season.

On the morning that we left, we drove up and down the promenade to get one last look.

Along the way we drove past…




a private yacht moored in the harbour,

colourful buildings,

palm trees,

a statue of a jazz musician

and an ice-cream.

All too soon, we came to the end of the road.

At the airport, it was time to wish Nice and France a friendly farewell. France, thank you! I will miss you! But I am sure that this is not “adieu” (at God) but rather, “à bientôt” (at soon) or even “a tout à l’heure” (right away) 😉

The sun has set on this episode … and I can sincerely say that it has been even more than a dream come true! All I can ask is … when can we see the next season in the series?😉

Until then! Je t’aime, la France ❤️🇫🇷

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