Une Journée Joyeuse

One of the main reasons for our three month “congé sabbatique” (sabbatical) was to celebrate my 40th “anniversaire” (birthday). I woke up to coffee & cuddles and “cadeaux” (gifts) and “bisous” (kisses).

We are spending the last few days of our epic trip in Nice.

We were having a leisurely stroll through the harbour, on our way to the beach, when suddenly…

“un COUP” (a BANG) reverberated through us like a bolt out of the blue! It was the noon gun up on the hillside. I managed to steady myself and grab my phone in time to capture the puff of “fumée” (smoke).

The walk towards the “Promenade Anglaise” is so pretty!

Pretty apartment buildings and hotels rest up against the hillside.

While stretching out languidly from the shoreline is the majestic Mediterranean

Also known as the Côte d’Azur.

We spent a few hours soaking up the sunshine and swimming in the cool, blue, refreshing ocean.

I must add that the pebbles make “la baignade” (bathing) and “la bronzage” (tanning) quite a difficult affair… “mais ça va”; “ça marche” (but it’s ok; it works).

We walked back towards our apartment at the “Vieux Port” (old port) in search of a birthday “gateau” (cake) and some “dejeuner” (lunch).

This enormous ocean liner aptly named “The World” was docked in the harbour.

We bought a gorgeous “fondant au chocolat” (chocolate fondant cake) from a nearby patisserie. It was a struggle to choose between that and a “tarte tropezienne” with two soft, spongy brioche layers filled with orange-flavoured cream.

The chocolate was an excellent choice! It had just come out of the oven so it was still warm; gooey in the centre with a paper-thin crusty exterior. It was so delicious that it was all gone before I could get a photo.

To end off the day, Mr B treated us all to dinner at the brasserie San Juan right outside our apartment block.

Milkshakes and pizzas were on the menu for most…

and veal in a creamy mushroom sauce and polenta for me.

What a super way to celebrate with my very own “Big Five” wild bunch.

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