A Day in Marseille

The Notre-Dame de la Garde stands like a sentinel, on a hill watching over Marseille; the second largest city in France.

The nautical theme of the church is perfect for Marseille, with her important shipping port.

Mobiles of model ships hang from the ceilings…

Wooden fishing boats appear to crash through the marble pillars.

Paintings of ships at sea bedeck the walls with lifebuoys placed above them.

Anchors hold the thurible (incense burner) in place …

notice the ship and seashells crafted onto the thurible.

The ornate wooden door exhibits fruitfulness and prosperity.

A lion door knocker stands on guard.

The marvellous view from the top, overlooking Marseille!

We luncheoned with a friend at SportBeach which was superb!

And then went for a scenic ride on the Ferris wheel.

It was beautiful introduction to our two weeks on the Côte d’Azur!

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