A Cottage near Collioure

The name of our accommodation, this week, is “les pieds dans l’eau” (feet in the water).

Perched on top of a rocky ledge with a 270 degree view of the ocean; it’s name is not far off.

Sunrise and sunset are equally splendid!

On Tuesday night, the children decided to challenge themselves to stay awake all night to see the sunrise at 6:15am.

Mr B and I agreed to allow it, on condition that we weren’t woken up during the night.

I peeked through the porthole to check on them at 3am. I couldn’t get a photo of the other two from my vantage point but they were still going strong!

The kids woke me up, at the agreed upon time, to capture this glorious beginning to the new day … and then we went (back) to sleep. Mr B and I enjoyed a morning run and the night-owls joined us for a late lunch.

Here are some more photos of this lovely place!

I love the nautical theme of the interior which is an extension of its natural surroundings.

Bright, bold and beachy, it’s just perfect for a sunny seaside holiday!

Only one problem…“malheureusment” (unfortunately) the “MESTRAL” (mistral) … a wicked wind from the northwest… made herself known, mercilessly, for the first 5 days of our stay!

We had to resort to hanging our washing indoors, on a clever little contraption. If we’d hung it outside on the wash-line, we’d never had seen it again!!

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