Part 2: Waltzing through Walt Disney Studios

Another day, another adventure but this time without the rain!

We’d woken up quite late with blisters and bruised feet from our 12 hour tango the day before. Having packed up our belongings and cleaned the apartment, we only arrived at 11am.

Being a smaller park, we were sure we’d be done by 5pm and be ready to rhumba to our next destination … Paris! It was not to be!

Once again we moved in an anti-clockwise direction, starting with Aladdin’s Flying Carpets which was similar to the Orbitron the day before. After this Mr B and I did a child-switch for Crush’s Coaster (just the name made Miss K cold to the core)! I voted this my favourite ride – enough spins, swings, crests and troughs to make it feel like a cha-cha, not too fast and not too slow; just the right tempo.

After this we trotted over to Toy Story Playland where Miss K and I went on the Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin while the others rode the RC Racer; a U-shaped ramp that catapulted them forwards up to the top and backwards to the other side.

Toy Soldiers’ Parachute Drop was a firm family favourite. We were raised about 10m off the ground and dropped a few times. I won the prize for screaming the loudest!

It was now midday and time to replenish our resources. Hamburgers hit the spot but with an hour-long queue they bit into our precious time!!

On our way to Ratatouille, we came across a place to meet Mickey Mouse. Meeting Mickey was the ONE THING that Mr D REALLY wanted to do! The day before, we’d forgone the opportunity because of the hour-long wait. Perhaps this was the time to rectify the situation? Alas, it was not to be! In order to have a photo op with this celeb, one had to book an appointment online. They were very sorry but there were no more available appointments for that day but we could see him the following day at 9:45. This was not the case when I visited Disney World 26 years earlier! We encountered many characters and got their autographs for free! Not so nowadays … could I venture to ask … is Mickey Mouse really a rat?!

Nevertheless we took our own picture of him in between photo shoots. He did give us his signature wave, for good measure. We love you, Mickey Mouse!

Ratatouille was a “NOT TO BE MISSED RIDE” and it was memorable! We were rats, sneaking into Gusteau’s restaurant who were constantly being swept away from the forbidden fare. We had decided to do this ride as “Single Riders” because the group waiting time was 60 minutes, and singles, only 10. I was a little concerned when Mr D was separated from our family and put in his own car while the rest of us were kept close together. It was quite distracting as I kept trying to look for him. When the ride was over he was happily standing at the exit, doing a Fortnite emote while waiting for us to meet up with him.

Having done it as a teen, I knew that the behind-the-scenes Studio Tram Tour was a winner. What looks to be a perfectly ordinary tour of a typical movie set becomes an adventure with yourselves as members of the cast.

Now, the overall scariest ride of the two days was the Tower of Terror. Not only was it creepy, with an eerie backstory but it was also stomach-wrenching, blood-curdling, spine-chilling and hair-raising! I was expecting the 13-storey drop but we were raised and lowered so many times that I soon wished it would stop! Miss K had decided to venture a go after loving the Parachute Drop but she soon wished she’d gone AWOL … as did I! Shaking from head to toe, we came to an abrupt halt between the first and second floor. “This didn’t happen the last time we did this ride” said a voice from the back. “Just as well it broke down near the ground and not the top” said another. Then an announcement over the intercom: “I see you and I will stay with you. Please remain seated until the cast members arrive to aid you”. An eternal five minutes later, we were rescued from our doom by means of a platform which was rolled in. Miss K, Mr D and I had had enough excitement for the day and, in order to avoid further risk, decided to call it quits!

Mr B, Mr J and Miss R went on one more Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith. It was loud! It was rough! It was delirious!

Our final destination was a Disney store to buy a few souvenirs: a Star Wars top, Mickey ears and a Mickey Mouse plush toy for Mr D (he’s still a fan!); a Minnie backpack and Minnie ears for Miss K (plus the free Disney blanket we got with our rather extravagant purchase); a Star Wars light-sabre and Darth Vader coffee mug for Mr J; and Mickey Mouse trainers and Mickey Mouse gloves for Miss R … so there you have it … we love you, Mickey Mouse!!


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