The King of Hearts

*I love You, You love me

We’ll be together for eternity

Hop, Skip and Clap your hands

Woo! I’m ready for this great romance*

*Rockabye baby, I need the loo

My hands are full and have more to do

Gone is the time I had You all to myself

There are my dreams, up on the shelf*

*6 little ducks swimming in a row

Only some go fast and the others are slow!

North, South, East or West?

How do we know which is best?*

^”Deary, Deary, Oh so weary

How does your garden grow?”^

*With patience and time and a grace divine;

Only these are robbed by a foe!*

^”Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping?

Precious one, precious one.

Morning bells are ringing;

It’s a new beginning …

one, two, three, follow Me”^

^”Wake up from your slumber;

Wake up from your sleep.

There is more for you, dear!

My promises I keep.

Give up your confusion;

Return to My side

All I want from you, dear

Is to be My bride”^

*Lavender’s blue, dilly dilly, lavender’s green

You’re still my King, dilly dilly, and I am your queen

You told me so, dilly dilly, You reminded me

That I am yours, dilly dilly, for eternity*

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