4hrs and 40km

We hired some ebikes, downloaded a GPS enabled offline map and headed off to see the countryside.

About 10 minutes out of town, Miss K’s battery malfunctioned and lost it’s electrical assistance. We were expecting the ride to be at least 3-hours long and very hilly so it wasn’t an option to continue without it. Mr B took her back to have it looked at while the rest of us reposed ourselves in the warm sunshine.

The grass was so soft that I could happily have had a nap.

About 20 minutes later, the pair returned and we continued our tour.

We started and ended in Eguisheim (where you see the blue arrow).

We were greeted with some spectacular views:

You can see the ruins of three castles on the hill in the photo above. “Les Trois Chateaux du Haut Eguisheim”. (The Three Castles of Upper Eguisheim).

It’s “printemps” (spring) so there are “des jolies fleurs” (pretty flowers) and blossoms everywhere! Could this be a cherry tree? Does anyone know?

We stopped at this picturesque spot to enjoy our “goûter” (snack) of apples and crisps.

There were fun times when it was “facile” (easy)…

… and times when it was “difficile” (difficult).

Bear in mind that electric bikes are not like motor bikes and there is still some peddle power needed. Also, 4 hours on a bicycle seat makes for a very sore “derrière”! “Enfin” (finally) we returned home exhausted but exhilarated.

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