Shopping at a Supermarket?

We popped in to Colmar yesterday to “faire nos courses” (do grocery shopping) because they have a Super U (equivalent to Pick ‘n Pay). It had been “trés romantique” buying our food from the local “petits magasins” (little shops) but also “très cher” (very expensive). Therefore we decided to do a weekly shop. “C’est pratique, non”?

Well, it seems to be unheard of there because all the other shoppers only had one or two items and we had almost a whole trolley-full – you know, feeding a family of 6! But they did have trolleys there so one would assume that they must be used on occasion…? You have to put in a 1€ deposit to unlock a trolley from the rest of the stack … trust me, people there are not going to steal them! They don’t use them! Could be an idea for back home in South Africa … although why get your R15.95 back when you can rather have the whole trolley…?

We spent an hour getting acquainted with the different foods and planning a menu based on what was in front of us. Rabbit stew, anyone?

We proceeded to the till with our monstrous load, everyone else carrying their dainty parcels, only to be made aware that there are no separate tills for 10 items or less and that it’s customary to allow anyone who has only a few items to go ahead of you – well, that was everyone!! Luckily for us, only one lady accepted our polite offer, the gentleman behind us said, “je reste tranquille mais vous êtes gentils” (I remain tranquil but you are gentle…? No, let’s try that again … I’m relaxed but you are kind [to make the offer]). Whew, thank goodness for that because by now it was one o’clock and the kids were starving! Admittedly they’d only had 3 strawberries and a tiny tub of plain yoghurt for breakfast! Also they had seen the giant pretzels at the bakery outside the shop and we’d promised them they could have one when our shopping was done.

Shopping done, pretzels consumed in the parking lot and back home. All in a day’s work!

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