Pathway to growth

Today marks the beginning of our grande aventure!

Friday the 29th of March, we have longed for you as a family longs for the birth of a new baby. We have talked about you, dreamed about you and imagined what you would look like. And now you have been thrust upon us!

The routines with which we have become familiar will no longer exist and we will have to get used to a new “normal”. We will have to allow for unexpected interruptions and unplanned surprises along the way.

My hope for us is that we will treat today, and each and every day, as a gift to be unwrapped and that we will allow each one (yes, even the ugly brown socks from Aunt Molly) to teach us new things about each other and about ourselves; that we will allow ourselves the space to make mistakes, to fall, to fail, to grow while ever pressing forward together on the path set before us.

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